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Work on every aspect of the farm operation, from day-to-day field management to processing/packing to deliveries and dispatch, and with plenty of room to advance.


Montross, VA



Year-round & seasonal avail. 

What You’ll Do

  • Monday - Friday: Move, feed, and water broiler chickens and laying hens. Collect eggs, troubleshoot and fix issues in the field.

  • Mondays: Help prepare processing area, and butcher chickens. 

  • Tuesdays: Fine butchery (cutting up chickens) and packing, preparing orders for delivery

  • Wednesdays: Wash eggs, pack orders, order supplies, clean shop, etc.

  • Thursdays and Fridays: alternating every other week between delivery and dispatch. Drive the van on door to door deliveries to families and restaurants, or hang back to answer questions from customers for the week's driver. Thursdays, dispatch is on field work (minor repairs, fence work, etc.), Fridays preparing the shop for next week.

  • Every other Sunday: two hours loading birds for Monday butcher.

Who You Are

  • Enjoy waking up early, working outdoors and with your hands.

  • Not afraid to get dirty, not afraid of a little blood or animal poop, and enjoy working with animals.

  • Can take direction, even if you've "done it before."

  • Able to work well with others in a performance-driven team environment.

  • Have a valid drivers license and clean driving record.

  • Have one or two references from prior employers.

Email your resume to to apply

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